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Visual Analysis

Visual content is a major factor in many search queries, and is almost always a critical aspect of building great content marketing assets.

Content Harmony makes it easy to analyze how Google understands topics visually, how competitors are tackling visual content, and whether visual search intent is a clear ranking factor.

Image Analysis

Our Image Analysis tab delivers an instant overview of the top Google Images results and related analysis, such as the top image subsearches shown below:

Image results and related subsearches, helping us determine what image types belong in our content.

Competitor Image Analysis

Underneath our core Google Image results tab, we also give you a birds-eye view of your competitor's image usage for page one results, which saves you a good 10-20 minutes of scanning competitor content trying to figure out who is doing a good job on visual content usage.

Competitor Image usage for [how to fix a p trap] - Home Depot clearly has the best visual tutorial for this topic - that is who we would want to beat if we were trying to rank for this keyword.

Visual Search Intent

Detecting whether Google wants to give users visual or image-based content formats is one of the major intent types we track in our Search Intent Classification system.

Here are some common examples of visual search intent in action that Content Harmony can detect and flag for you in both our full Keyword Reports as well as our standalone Search Intent Reports:

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