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Whether you're an in-house writer, an agency staff writer, or a freelance writer, Content Harmony can help you speed up your research and produce better-optimized content.

We supercharge productivity for writers doing their own content research, creating briefs and outlines for clients or stakeholders, and optimizing their own content.

All writers have felt the struggle of first draft revisions and stakeholders with wildly different content expectations.

With Content Harmony, itโ€™s much easier to get everyone on the same page throughout the content production process.

โ€œWith Content Harmony, everything is very intuitive, even for beginners. Itโ€™s one of the few pieces of software Iโ€™ve ever used thatโ€™s almost instantaneously valuable.โ€ Ken Marshall, Partner and Chief Growth Officer, RevenueZen.

"With Content Harmony, everything is very intuitive, even for beginners. Itโ€™s one of the few pieces of software Iโ€™ve ever used thatโ€™s almost instantaneously valuable.โ€

-Ken Marshall, Partner and Chief Growth Officer, RevenueZen

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Impress clients and stakeholders with world-class content briefs

Stellar communication builds trust and boosts confidence in your work. A well-crafted content brief shows stakeholders that youโ€™ve invested time in fully researching the topic and gives them the opportunity to make suggestions before you start work on the draft.

Run a keyword report for your primary topic and obtain all the information you need for your research inside a single dashboard.

Highlight sections as you study the Keyword Report and watch them dynamically appear inside your content brief. When itโ€™s time to build the brief, impress your clients with tables, checklists, notes, emojis, and more โ€” our upgraded text editor is 100% customizable to your requirements.

If youโ€™re not very familiar with building content briefs from scratch (we get that itโ€™s more of a strategist role), we offer easy-to-use templates to help you get started. Select one from the dashboard and tweak it around to suit your workflow โ€” either way, we got you covered.

A snapshot of our block-based brief editor

Content Harmony's Keyword Reports contain all of the critical data you need during the content research process:

  1. Search Intent - what type of results does Google want to show?
  2. Topic Analysis - what critical sub-topics should you include?
  3. Competitor Outlines - how can we build a better outline than competitors?
  4. Questions - what critical questions do we need to answer?
  5. Authoritative Sources - who should we be citing?
  6. Competitor Analysis - what SEO factors are at play for this topic?
  7. Image/Visual Analysis - what visual content do we need to include?
  8. Videos - what video content should we be considering?

And once youโ€™ve built your brief or outline, you can easily share it with others.

Thereโ€™s no need to paste in Google Docs or update permission settings.

Freelance writers looking to spend more time on content strategy services can also use content briefs as a dedicated deliverable for clients and stakeholders, making it possible to expand your service offerings and work with clients who need direction for their existing writers.

Save hours of research and get rid of messy browser tabs

Great posts require painstaking research into content structure, search intent, word count, and the topic itself. Itโ€™s normal to have dozens of open tabs as you try and uncover what competitors are doing well and figure out your approach to building a better piece of content than whatโ€™s out there already.

Content Harmonyโ€™s end-to-end workflow consistently cuts down the time needed for research from a couple of hours to 10-30 minutes for most writers.

Give your articles the best possible chance to rank

Once your first draft is ready, run it through the Content Grader for a final check.

This helps you demonstrate that you've covered a topic comprehensively and have met SEO expectations, delivering more value than a writer who just drops off a regular, non-optimized draft.

The Content Grader is built on top of AI-driven keyword extraction to figure out which phrases are used most commonly by competitors. It focuses on cutting out the noise to give you the most critical terms and keywords to include in your content, and helps you figure out which sub-topics you may have missed.

Writer-friendly pricing & credits

We offer plans starting from $50 per month, and all monthly credits are good for 90 days, meaning you donโ€™t have to log in on the last day of the month to use up your credits.

Start with our $10 trial or schedule a demo for free training on our workflow.

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