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8 Top Scalenut Alternatives (And Why You Should Pick Content Harmony)

The 8 most popular Scalenut alternatives you should consider are:

  1. Content Harmony
  2. MarketMuse
  3. Clearscope
  4. Frase
  5. Semrush Writing Assistant
  6. Page Optimizer Pro
  7. Conductor
  8. seoClarity

However, instead of going into what each platform has to offer, we want to show you why you should take a closer look at Content Harmony to help your content team deliver more impactful results.

Content Harmony is the Best Scalenut Alternative

Both Content Harmony and Scalenut help content teams, SEO strategists, and marketing agencies accelerate their inbound marketing campaigns. However, Scalenut leans heavily on AI-driven content and on-page SEO, while Content Harmony optimizes a full-stack content program.

This includes the entire content creation process, from researching and writing world-class content briefs to grading content before hitting publish.

Specifically, Content Harmonyโ€™s AI-assisted tools help you:

  • Analyze search intent
  • Uncover competitor content structure
  • Explore common questions people ask
  • Engage in visual content research
  • Find authoritative sources to link to
  • Create world-class content briefs that writers love
  • Grade content for its suitability with search engines

Scalenut is a relatively new entrant to the content strategy and content optimization industry, and has made some bold claims of generating blog posts in 5 minutes that rank easily on Google.

At Content Harmony, weโ€™re not convinced that high-quality content which meets both business and audience needs can be researched, written, graded, published, and ranked so quickly. And as Googleโ€™s Helpful Content Update rolls out โ€” the importance of creating people-friendly content just became even more critical if you wish to dominate the SERPs.

In short, yes Scalenut is cheaper than Content Harmony. But Content Harmony will never try to game the algorithm โ€” weโ€™ll always be 100% focused on equipping you with the tools you need to create content that outsmarts the competition.

What are the main product differences between Content Harmony and Scalenut?

Here are the core areas that differentiate Content Harmony from Scalenut:

1. Content Harmony gives you an end-to-end content workflow

Content Harmony reduces the chance of manual errors at each stage of the content workflow. When you run a Keyword Report, weโ€™ll give you all you need to know about the topic inside a single dashboard, without having to open 30 different tabs and manually copy/paste to a Google Doc.

In Content Harmony, the content brief is accorded equal priority to that of the content grader. Thatโ€™s because SEO requirements are one aspect of a high-performance content asset; writers must nail these alongside things like search intent, brand and voice guidelines, audience requirements, content formats, and more.

Thereโ€™s a wealth of information neatly sorted inside sub-category.

Scalenut doesnโ€™t help strategists with this level of content research or content brief creation. Its tool is mostly focused on AI-generated content and keyword research.

2. Content Harmony helps you build content briefs in minutes

As you study the Keyword Report, simply highlight sections that you want your writer to address and add them to the content brief. Whether thatโ€™s related questions people ask, visual content research, competitor content structure, or required keywords, Content Harmonyโ€™s new brief editor keeps track of all your research requirements.

Build your content brief in a new block editor format that allows you to add tables, graphs, notes, comments, emojis, and more.

When youโ€™re done building your brief, easily share it with your writer or team member from inside the app. Or copy the brief to a Google Doc if thatโ€™s what you prefer. Either way, your original brief will always be accessible to you inside the Content Harmony dashboard.

Scalenutโ€™s content brief does not go into the same depth of research and there is no block editor to help you customize your brief to your requirements.

3. Content Harmony unlocks you to write content that ranks well

Search engines love content thatโ€™s well-researched, credible, and does the best job of matching search intent. Content that answers the entire flywheel of audience questions will outrank competing content that doesnโ€™t. ย 

Content Harmony guides you to make data-driven decisions, rather than relying on gut instinct.

When you run a Keyword Report inside Content Harmony, weโ€™ll give you the precise data you need to research a topic before getting started:

  • Search intent insights so you know what content format search engines prefer (blog posts, product pages, local results)
  • Estimated search volume for your query, and the average word count for the top-ranking posts
  • Uncover the primary subtopics and related concepts for each keyword, helping you write more comprehensive content based upon an AI-assisted topic model.
  • Real questions people ask related to your query, sourced from sites like Quora, Reddit, StackExchange, and Google PAAs, to help you make your content as comprehensive as possible
  • Competitor outlines, such as the H1, H2, H3, and H4 sub-headings from the top 10 search results to help with inspiration
  • Internal and external link suggestions to transfer link authority and make your content more trustworthy

4. Content Harmony provides a foolproof way to nail search intent

When folks search for โ€œgoldfish foodโ€, are they looking to buy food for their pet or learn more about the product? Unless you understand what folks want in a specific query, you run the risk of wasting time building out content that wonโ€™t rank.

Content Harmony developed a proprietary search intent classification system to help you understand what search engines believe users want to see for that query. Every time you run a Keyword Report, weโ€™ll tell you what the likely search intent is for that query right at the start of the workflow.

Folks searching for โ€˜goldfish foodโ€™ display heavy intent to purchase. We classify this intent based on the prevalence of Google Shopping Ads and eCommerce category pages in the SERPs.

Scalenut does not offer assistance with search intent.

Understanding search intent is a cheat code to help you climb up the SERPs faster. Content Harmony includes this feature in all plans, including the initial trial.

5. Content Harmony assists you with visual research

Content experience matters just as much as word count, structure, and readability. Top-ranking posts frequently incorporate annotated screenshots, infographics, and videos to help users understand the topic better.

Content Harmony helps you with visual research too, to help you build a swipe file or for design inspiration when planning your next piece of content. Every time you run a Keyword Report, weโ€™ll reveal the top-ranking Google Image & Video results for that keyword so you may incorporate that into your brief or pass on notes to your writer.

Including these in your content gives you an additional opportunity to get traffic from the SERPs.

Weโ€™ll show you the top ranking image and video results so you know what youโ€™re up against - and what types of visual assets that Google and users expect to see in your content

Scalenut does not give you insights into videos or images.

6. Content Harmony offers free training, onboarding & migration calls

Weโ€™re happy to schedule free video training sessions for you and your team, to help you migrate from a different platform and get up to speed with Content Harmonyโ€™s workflow.

Whatโ€™s more, we donโ€™t put any caps or restrictions on the number of seats for each plan. Invite an unlimited amount of teammates and create unlimited projects with a single account. Want all of them to receive a live video training session? We can do that, too.

And if you prefer to learn asynchronously, we have onboarding docs and pre-recorded videos to help you power up in no time.

Content Harmony vs Scalenut Core Feature Comparison

Feature Content Harmony Scalenut
Topic Model โœ… โŒ
Search Intent โœ… โŒ
Visual Content Research โœ… โŒ
Shareable URLs โœ… โŒ
Link Metrics โœ… โŒ
Unlimited Seats โœ… โŒ
Competitor Outlines โœ… โœ…
Content Grader โœ… โœ…
Related Questions โœ… โœ…

"Content Harmony not only accelerated our content production, it also improved our contentโ€™s performance. With key data on any topic at our fingertips, our content team can make better decisions, optimize for search engines, and outperform the competition."

-Brendan Walsh, Principal, Mole Street

The Content Harmony Workflow:

Content Harmony ties together the process you're currently doing manually, and makes it way faster.

From detailed keyword report, to robust content brief, to easy-to-use content grader, your team will feel right at home in Content Harmony.


Streamline Keyword

It took our SEOs & content marketing strategists hours to research a topic for clients โ€“ until we put everything they needed in one consistent keyword report.


Standardize Your

Our standardized brief formats help your strategists produce consistent notes every time, so writers have all of the critical details they need.


Share Your

Clients, freelance writers, editors, graphic designers โ€“ with our shareable brief formats you can give the right access to everybody in your content process.


Grade Your

Grade your drafts and existing content against our AI-driven topic model, making sure your team publishes comprehensive content every time.

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