Affiliate Program

Share Content Harmony with your friends and followers and we'll thank you with a 20% recurring commission for the lifetime of their account.

How It Works

Apply to be a partner

Apply for access at

Once accepted we'll give you your own custom referral links, eg

Earn commissions

Anyone who visits your link and purchases a trial or subscription within 60 days is credited to you.

Affiliate FAQs

Who is eligible for the affiliate program?

Anyone who publishes content that content marketing teams would be interested is a great fit for the affiliate program.

What is the commission structure you pay for referring a new customer?

Currently, we pay a 20% commission for the lifetime of the user's account. If they sign up for a $99 plan, you'll receive a $19.80 commission each time their subscription renews.

How much can I make?

There's no limits on earnings. Most user signups will average $99 to $299 per month, but we have other plans above and below that range.

As an example, if you refer 4 users who all sign up for a $99 plan, we'd expect you to earn $19.80 for each of those users each month they are subscribed.

Many of our users will eventually upgrade to larger plans, and our users tend to stay subscribed for a long period of time, so earnings for a referral can grow or stay active for months or years.

Can I earn a commission for the $10 trial signups?

We properly track those referrals, so you will get credit if the user later signs up for a subscription, however, we do not pay a commission on the $10 trial cost itself.

Do I need to be a Content Harmony customer?

Nope, although it obviously helps to understand our product if you're going to be referring people to it.

When will I be paid?

Commissions are paid Net 30 at the end of the month via Paypal. The minimum payout is $50. Any commission balances less than $50 will be saved up until your commissions meet the minimum payout.

Does it cost anything to be a Content Harmony affiliate?

No, our affiliate program is free to join.

What is the best way to promote Content Harmony?

Show your readers how you're creating better content using Content Harmony and they'll be much more likely to convert to paying users.

Are there any traffic channels or affiliate methods that are not allowed?

Our most successful affiliates are those making authentic recommendations to an audience that knows them.

If you are running paid ad campaigns, the only targeting restriction is you are not allowed to bid on branded keywords such as "Content Harmony".

You're not allowed to impersonate Content Harmony or try to deceive users.

We also reserve the right to ban affiliates for anything else that seems similarly sketchy or would reflect poorly on our brand.

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