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Search Intent

Content Harmony has built the industry's leading search intent classification system, and we've made it ready for scale.

Our Search Intent Reports help SEOs & content creators understand multiple questions about a SERP in seconds:

  • What formats of content is Google looking to display?
  • What types of pages are ranking?
  • What search intent modifiers and sub-intent factors should I focus on?
  • How much does freshness matter for the current SERP?
  • What are the latest search trends for this query?

Content Harmony allows you to run standalone Search Intent Reports, but we also include Search Intent analysis inside of our Content Brief workflows.

Why did Content Harmony build a custom search intent system?

We think the classic Informational / Navigational / Transactional intent classification system is fundamentally wrong for the needs of marketers.

It was originally developed as a way for search engines to think about the types of requests users were making. It was not designed for marketers to understand what types of results search engines wanted to display to users.

Our system expands into 8 custom intent types:

  • Research
  • Answers
  • Local
  • Transactional
  • Video
  • Visual
  • Fresh / News
  • Brand / Entity

Establishing more types of intent allows marketers to have more clear discussions about the exact types of results Google wants to serve to users.

Read more about our search intent classification system here.

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